Late Night Vanilla Frost



This is today’s latest set up on my droid 1 running the latest Project Elite 5.01 with a theme I ported from the nexus s “frost” by sonnysekhon and battery images from chancellor’s “simplistic”.

Minimalistic Text Widget

Wallpaper is in my drop box.

The dock is in my “Modded Files” drop box.

Lockscreen images came from the frost theme and I used PE”s customizable feature’s to disable the time and date and replace “Verizon Wireless” text with mkcm97.

Hope you guys like it, it’s about as minimal as I get.


33 thoughts on “Late Night Vanilla Frost

  1. I found the thread for sonnysekhon’s Nexus S themes but I’m looking for your droid 1 port. Sorry if it’s in the thread, I searched but couldn’t find it..

  2. will the battery icon work on liberty 1.5 for D2? If so could you post the battery icons .zip somewhere. I already have the theme for liberty 1.5

  3. you can’t flash them, sorry i mis understood. You’ll have to wait for my tutorial on how to port them. It will be up some time tomorrow (maybe).

  4. Frost. I fond it in the liberty toolbox, but it has a circle battery icon and not that plain grey one you have. Thats why I asked for the icons.

    • okay, do you have a program like winrar or 7zip? if so download them. now there’s two ways to do this, one is go into root explorer, go into system/framework/framework-res.apk and COPY the .apk to your sd card and put it on your computor. OR you can pull it using adb commands (if you know how). Once you get your framework-res.apk, open it with 7zip/winrar (DONT extract it, right click then hit 7zip>open archive) and then go to drawable hdpi.
      then, with the zip I gave you, open that with 7zip/winrar and go into system/framework/framework-res.apk/drawable hdpi and scroll all the way down to where about 25 .png’s say stat_sys_battery_x.png (instead of x, there will be a number which the image corresponds to. copy all of those over (including the ones that also end in chare_anime, those are for when yyour battery is charging) to YOUR drawable hdpi from the framework on your computer. then x out of 7zip and say “yes” to update archive. And push it back with adb. you should then be good to go with your new battery images

    • o ok, there might be another way to do this then. once youve modded youre framework-res.apk, put it back on your phones sd card and copy it back into system/framework and hit replace. then reboot.

      CAUTION: this may not work, try at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damages done to your phone

      sorry, I just had to say that. you know, just in case.

    • it wouldn’t work because i’m running gingerbread, as well as a different rom. therefore the images are different. you would get a ton of fc’s

  5. I see. this leads me to my last question (i hope)
    When I install an app, the checkmark is still yellow when it installs or when I download something from the internet. How could I swap those for yours?

    • ok, that is also some where inside the drawable hdpi folder. sadly, i’m not positive on the exact name. but if you were to find it (google/guess and check) then just copy it over to your hdpi folder the same as you would with the battery images.

  6. Its cool dude! thanks alot! Is the .png for installing an app the same .png for downloading something? Or are they two separate .pngs?

    • the downloading thing is i believe 6 .pngs (animation) but to answer your question, yes they are them same.

      the download images are called stat_sys_download_anime_x.png (x goes from 0-5 i believe…)

    • the market download image? in the notification bar, is the same as what I just posted. the actual spiral you’ll find in the drawable folder, it’s called “horizontal_progress.xml”

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