Free Docks Anyone?

Hey guys! This new shot is basically a showcase for a new style of docks that I’ll be working on. You can find this very one in my modded files drop box, but if any of you guys have a request for different colors or different words (to replace messages and mailbox) feel free to post a comment down below and I will start posting them in my drop box as soon as I can.

Anyway, in the shot I’m using custom clock widget

minimalistic text widget

my dock (in modded files drop box)

wallpaper is in my general drop box.

I hope you guys enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Free Docks Anyone?

  1. What theme is that? Is there any way that could be ported to the D2 on Liberty 1.5? Its amazing. I saw you on the droidforums and you said you were running “classical gas’ flat white jamt for the desire”. Is that the same theme, and if its different could it be ported?

    I would appriciate it if you pm’ed me on there. My username is tb110895

    Very nice theme!

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