[TUTORIAL] Minimalistic Text

So, you went and got Minimalistic Text Widget from the market? Great right! Although, many of you might be wondering how some people have managed to get a certain look with it that just doesn’t seem possible. Well, I’m here to tell you about all the most common set ups with Minimalistic Text and how to create your own. If you have any more requests, then post a comment below.

When you open the widget you will get a menu like above. But in order to get that cool look that you see some people using, you want to pay attention to the Custom Preferences. So let’s say you want to make a personalized clock. So it says Hi Matt, its 4 o clock today! Obviously with your name in place of Matt and so it actually reads the current time of the day.

The first thing you want to do is got to predefined layout, check off custom layout.

Next, you want to open up the custom layout option, and get rid of the default clock by long pressing on them and dragging them to the bottom

Next you want to hit the green plus button, go and hit the tab that says “misc”. Then drag the box that says static text up to the top.

Then tap that, and you can type in whatever you want! (A common thing that people want to know about is the separator bar. Follow these instructions and then when you go to type in something, just hit numbers, then alt, and you should see the separator bar on your keyboard).

For demonstration purposes, we’re going to type in “Hi Matt, It’s ” (emphasis on the space at the end. very important)

After that, you can just add in some clock stuff under the clock tab. But in all seriousness, I strongly encourage you to just play around with the custom tabs! Add in static text for stuff that isn’t “live” and always choose different styles of text.(eg. default, accented, and non accented). That way you can alternate between colors and sizes and different fonts.

You can also add additional rows, as many as you like. This is especially crucial when making the vertical battery bars. You can add another row by selecting the button below the green plus button as shown in the image below.

That’s pretty much all you need to know to become a “Minimalistic Text Widget Master,” but please, don’t just follow my guidelines experiment with the app. The whole purpose of this tutorial was to show all the options and capabilities that this free application beholds, not so you can all have your home screen say “Hi [insert your name here] its 6:48,” because honestly, I know that that’s now what everyone of you want’s. I just know a majority of you do, and by following the tutorial (which is slightly vague on purpose) you will become more familiar with the app and have a lot more fun with it as well.

Hope this helps! Feel free to post more specific requests in the comments!



8 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] Minimalistic Text

  1. I’ve been learning about saving widgets and using them. If you’d want to ellaborate on that, might be good, granted the droidforum and droidxforum is slam full on it also. But things I wonder when working with min text is possibly creating (and saving) text “icons” to open folder organizer items, shortcuts or apps, much like what folks have done with desktop visualizer. Min Text would allow using the system font and easy changing with font changing though. But not sure which would suck more battery, MText or Desktop Vis.

    • By the way.. LOVE the blog, great inspiration in the screenshots, apk’s etc. Stumbled on it from AlonsoU’s signature in the screenshots thread on droidforums.

    • Interesting point… may add that 🙂 but this tutorial was really meant to be a beginners tutorial for people who just bought the app and are completely overwhelmed.

  2. I already am. I may sig it over at dxforums maybe.. should make a short list of fav “style” and “design” and other good android specific blogs. What’s bad is I’ll stumble on one, get some good inspiration and forget where it was and get pulled away before I bookmark it. I have a screenshot I tried to pull off last night and can’t even find the blog. Probably good lesson to put a little watermark on screenshots down in a corner of your blog-site.. For dummies like me. LOL!

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