Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi Only UK Pricing Revealed


A ray of hope has broken through the often cloudy UK sky, as the price of the Wi-Fi only Motorola XOOM has been revealed to be not all that bad. At the equivalent of about $730 US, the 449 euro XOOM is priced is priced right on par with the 16GB iPad model. Interestingly, the pre-order page at PC World that initially offered this pricing insight has reverted back to a simple landing page (unless we are missing something). Photographic proof rests above.

There have been some complaints about Android tablet pricing, but looking at the XOOM’s cost here in the States and abroad, I stick by my assessment that it is a fair price for the product you are getting. Sure, we’d love for it to be cheap, cheaper than the iPad, but that’s probably asking a bit too much. A recent report from WSJ found that the XOOM costs about $30 more to makethan the iPad.

For now the pricing and specs of the XOOM keep it on par, but rumors of a new iPad launch coming any day now might have some tablet buyers hesitant.

via: electronista



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