[TUTORIAL] Chiseled-out letters with Photoshop

Since I posted the the screenshot below, about a week ago, I have got a couple of dozens of emails of how to accomplish the appearance of the text to be “chiseled out” using Photoshop. Well Today I got the time to take a few more screenshots and created my first tutorial, so if you are interested on learning this technique, stick around, it’s fairly easy, not complicated at all, requires very minimal Photoshop knowledge.

St.Patricks 2011

Diffuculty level 1~10: 3

Software used: Photoshop CS5 Extended Edition.

1-We start by loading the image into Photoshop (you should know how to do that by now)

2-Next add the text that you want to work with using the “text tool” (red circle) on the tools palette, in this case it will be “Phone, Gmail and Sms” Adjust the size as necessary.

3- I have a template that I use to help me locate my text on the exact location where the icon should go, this is extremely helpful, specially if you are adding transparent shortcuts and counters.

4-Hold Ctlr and make sure you click on the “white square with a big “T” on the “Phone” layer. This will only select the letters on that layer.

5- Once you see that “Phone” has been selected, you will do the following: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V,Ctrl+V. NOTE: This shortcuts will copy the text, and then you will paste it 2 times, make sure you place them back into top of the original “Phone” text

6- This will create 2 new layers, that in this tutorial we will name one “Phone-white” and the other new layer “Phone-black”. The layer “Phone-White” should be right above the original layer. Now while still at that layer (phone-white) hold Ctrl+I, this will invert the text color from black to white. Layer “phone-black” will remain as is.

7- Now select one of the 2 new layers (no matter which) go to the Layers menu and select “soft light”, do this for the other new layer as well.

8- If you have followed every single step I said, you should have this by now, all 3 layers should be active, the 2 new should be changed to soft light and the text on the image should be black. If this is not what you have, please go back and check if you missed something.

9- This is where the magic begins, first start by turning off the original text layer…

10- Select the “Phone-white” layer and using your arrow keys, start moving it around, my personal preference its 2 pixels down, 2 pixels to the left.. voila!!!  you have created a chiseled-out text.

11- Do the same for all the 2 remainder text icons and you should end up with this:

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and becomes useful for you, feel free to comment and if you like it, do not forget to rate it!


One thought on “[TUTORIAL] Chiseled-out letters with Photoshop

  1. great tutorial man! different method than what I usually use. I’m going to try this one out some time… and by the way, this will work with any images not just text!

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