[TUTORIAL] WidgetLocker 2.0 – The simplest mod yet

WidgetLocker is almost a staple in the Android moddification community as it ads a ton of functionality options for the lock screen on your Android device. Now, with the latest WidgetLocker update to version 2.0, modding it is easier than ever. In past versions, one had to mod the .apk file and “sign” it so the Android OS would recognize it. However, with 2.0; it’s just as easy as placing them on your “/sdcard/data/com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker/themes” folder. Check my Dropbox in the /Widgetlocker 2.0 Themes directory for my collection of 2.0 themes. For a more advanced tutorial, click the image in this post or shoot any of the authors here an email. Enjoy!


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