Minimalistic, yet functional homescreen



– SiMiFolder (Market)
– Desktop Visualizer (Market)
– Minimalistic Text (Market)
– WidgetLocker (Market or


Homescreen wallpaper by stormMajki
Lockscreen wallpaper found on
Genesis for iPhone4 found on
Dock (by me)

Other stuff:

– Minimalistic Text lets you choose three different text styles. When you add an element such as 24hour-text or minute-2-digits, you can choose which text style it’s going to use. That way you can make it look whatever way you want. If you want the time big, simply use the Accented text style to create it, and make all the clock-elements Accented. Everything else small? Make the Normal text style small and normal, not bold. Under Misc you find Static Text, use it to create spaces or write stuff like “battery”.

– You can find a collection of WidgetLocker themes here. The one I’m using is called It’s Minimal which you can find here.


12 thoughts on “Minimalistic, yet functional homescreen

    • Thanks! Yeah, she’s gorgeous. Found a bunch of her on wallbase. SiMiFolder is great! Very customizable, and makes me use the dock less. Which makes me want to go back to SweeterHome actually ๐Ÿ˜›

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