We are currently looking for 3  “Authors” for the blog, that wish to donate their time, for the following areas:

“Android News”

“Carrier News”


“Apps Reviews”



  1. Individuals with a past blog experience, so if you can link us to your previous work that will be a major plus for you.
  2. Good grammar its a must.
  3. Must contribute in a regular basis (at least 3 times a day, but the more you can, the best for all of us)
  4. Some basic computer knowledge its a must, (sorry folks, I have no time to babysit anyone that ask me how to copy an image to the desktop) 🙂

*A couple of our blog standards*

Anyone who gets select it, will be under a 15 days “probation” period, this will help us to determine who gets to stay permanently, based on your work quality and contribution frequency.

If you are selected, your account will be activated it as a “Contributor” meaning that all your work must be first approved it by an Administrator before publishing it. You will become an Author for the blog after the probation period.

If you would like to donate your time and get a position on the blog, send us an email to customandroidnet(at)gmail(dot)com. Please include your full name and previous experience (if any).

You can also follow us now on twitter (there’s a link on the right side)

The admin.


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