comScore: Android Tops BlackBerry to Become No. 1 Smartphone Platform in the US


Move over Apple. Move over RIM. There’s a new sheriff in town and they call him Android. According to comScore’s latest data, Google’s smartphone OS has overtaken the long-reigning BlackBerry for the title of number one smartphone platform in the United States. Holding 31.2 percent of smartphone market share, Android narrowly edged out BlackBerry, which holds on with 30.4 percent. Both sit ahead of Apple’s iOS, which rests at 24.7 percent.

Taking a look at trending data shows the future looks grim for BlackBerry and RIM with a share that has continually declined over the past year. Apple has lost some ground, but remains fairly steady, while Android has seen its figures sky rocket from below 10 percent of total share a year ago.

It is important to note that this data only runs through January 2011, so the figures for February and March may look a bit different considering the iPhone’s availability spread to Verizon last month. The effect the end of iPhone exclusivity had on the smartphone market is not yet fully known, but we expect some interesting numbers.

via CNN



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