Google Maps Now Avoids Traffic, Eases Driver’s Frustration

How many times have you punched an address into Google Maps Navigation only to be met with standstill traffic once you hit the highway? Whether it is too many times to count or one frustrating occasion, you’ve probably cursed the navigation software for leading you so blindly into a driver’s worst nightmare. Not anymore.

Starting today, Google Maps Navigation will automatically choose the least congested route for you to follow, keeping you in motion and maybe even helping to cut down on traffic in general. Using current and historical traffic data, Maps will decide the route best suited for travel at any given time.

Now Google isn’t guaranteeing the route with the least amount of traffic will necessarily be the quickest always, but given traffic conditions it should be the quickest available at that specific point in time. The feature is now available on Google Maps in North American and Europe.

via Google



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