Shadowy Darkness


Shadows are all the rage these days! It’s hard to tell, but a lot of photoshop went into making that dock look perfect!

First of all, I want to thank Raadius, for making the awesome icon set, Ares Hd (in my drop box)

The dock is embedded onto the wallpaper as are the icons. I did not create the wooden floor part, so I cannot take credit for that. I just embedded the icons, and added some shadows.

Wallpaper is custom made (sort of), I took a wallpaper and lightened it up a bit and changed the curves.

I’m using minimalistic text for all the widgets on my screen.

Adw ex, 10×10 grid. Dock disabled. Using sms unread count with transparent .png’s to make the icons “live.”

That’s about all, so I hope you guys enjoy!


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