Just under the three hour mark! I seem to be shaving seconds off day by day.
I kind of feel like Michael Phelps with this Android screen shot posting. 🙂

I’m still running the Lesjaw’s MIUI rom on my HD2. I decided to try and mod the Meizu them to blue instead of the orange that it comes with.
I’m still on LauncherPro Plus with a 10×10 grid, using minimalistic widget. Icons are not mine, but I have collected them here.

All available in my dropbox.

Thanks for looking!


11 thoughts on “2:58:37

  1. I have such a soft spot for the MIUI lockscreen. “marc22” made a theme or two for WidgetLocker that looked awesome, need to check that out.. Nice setup, Jamie.

  2. How are you getting the full size icons using launcher pro? That is just about the only reason i’m not running launcher pro on top of miui.

  3. Hi I stumbled on your website by mistake when i was searching Google for this subject, I have to tell you your webpage is quite useful I also like the layout, its great!

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