Side Bar

Well, here’s my not-too-exciting-screen, but I thought I’d share with you anyway, considering making everything like the side bar and dock, takes all too long in GIMP. I do not have the privilege of using 1000 dollar programs like Photo Shop. So I make do with what I have I guess. If any of you guys want me to write any gimp tutorials, I would be happy too. Just post a comment down below!

Anyway, on with the set up! Nothing too special here, custom dock made by me. Wallpaper is made by “chuckdoba” I just added the side bar. (the glare is not part of the wallpaper, it was my attempt of making it look shiny)

Icons are called abeo. In my drop box.

Clock is minimalistic text.

Im using adw ex, 10×10 grid.

That’s pretty much all so enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Side Bar

  1. I’d like you to write some gimp tutorials, I don’t have any money to buy photoshop or stuff like that too !

    And BTW, I love your work !


  2. I really like the sidebar. I, too, would like to learn how to do that. Great different, yet still very minimalist format! AWESOME WORK!

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