Minimalized Junk

Spent a bit today making this newest set up. Most of it was done in gimp as per usual. (Btw, Im probably going to do a gimp tutorial one of these days. Problem is is I dont know what it should be on so any suggestions would be great.)
This set up was inspired by our very own dj carpenter! The wallpaper was edited to add the raised surface with the icons. I only slightly edited the icons so they would look “pressed in.” Dock arrows were made by me as well. Original icons are called soda icons, they’re in my drop box. Clock/date/battery was all done in minimalistic text widget. Icons on the wallpaper were made “live” with sms unread count using transparent pngs.
adw ex, 10×10 grid. dock enabled.
(don’t be afraid to request something you want to learn how to do in gimp. I will make a tutorial based on popular vote, if any!)

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