“Dark conscience”

Ok folks, I’ve been working on this setup for a couple of days, looking for the right “parts” to make it fully functional to my style of life.

From Left to Right:

ADW EX 10×10

Beautiful widgets (paid app) 4×1 skin is ‘precipitationStation’ by Stephen_Arra, with a transparent background

Transparent Winamp 4×2 widget

Newsflash Plus (paid app) (modded by me to make it transparent)

Analog clock by mjdev, first mod by Taine0, then modded by me to add little “andy” and the background to it

Icons are Aelous by Raadius

Shelf by Taine0

(Icons and shelf are imbedded on the wallpaper)

SMSUnread mod by gomorrah

Minimalistic text for the clock and battery left

Wallpapers,free apps, and all the need it files to duplicate this setup are available from the “helpful links” under “dark conscience”



2 thoughts on ““Dark conscience”

  1. I really love your work, but I have a question.
    How do i open the file for this under the helpful links tab?

    I apologize I’m not very savvy with this kind of stuff, I have a mac if that helps. I click on it, but it says I can’t open in.

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