Shelves Ahoy

My first post, so whoop 😉

So, this is my latest theme and also a preview of my WIP icons Genesidroid (Still waiting to hear from the maker of the iphone genesis icon set for permission to release them)
Who needs an app drawer, eh?

Widgetlocker 2.0 with a custom theme, custom SMS unread count icons, phantom music widget and minimastlic text. 8 x 8 rows and columns with no anchor set.

ADW EX launcher with multipicture live wallpaper, 10 x 10 rows and columns with overlap widgets enable, auto fit to grid switched off (or auto stretch) The dock and status bar(though i have swipe down for status bar reveal) switched off, but i do have the hidden dock enable with swipe up action to reveal.

Home tab: There are 3 different minimalistic texts widgets used on this page, one for the day, one for date-battery and one for the temp. Lots of spacing used in the static text to get into the right locations. Beauty of this widget, just play around with static text and see what happens. custom SMS unreadcount icons, MIUI weather and clock skin for fancy widget. Custom analog clock.

Music playerpro and facebook both with transparent mods!
Font is Helvetiker, flash with type fresh(need root)

All files for lock screen and home screen, including the font, widgetlocker theme and shelf can be found here on my drop box


5 thoughts on “Shelves Ahoy

  1. ha ha, Taine0 is such a great customizer, that this blog will be incomplete without him, he is surely a great addition to our Author’s team, and I’m sure he will bring new great ideas to share with all of us. Welcome aboard bud.

  2. Hello, could you give me a link to recover the icons reflection thus the wallpaper (wood purple)

    Orignial text :
    Bonjour, pourrais tu me donner un lien pour recuperer les icones reflet ainsi le wallpaper (bois violet)

  3. dude, love ur setup. Can u make me a custom wallpaper w/embedded shelf/icons just like urs? Wish I had the time to do this. I can paypal u for ur effort 🙂

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