Purple Wall No2

About time for me to post another screenshot!

I really don’t know what happened but a had a few days of “lack” of creativity or interest on making my screenies..good thing that I’m back to it he he!

So today we have..

Wood dock, bottom icons and black shelf are all embedded to the folder

Icons are C’UPS Theme by JackieTran

Clock mod (my mod) here

WL mod is MNML_light

Music widget is Music Player Pro (custom mod) PAID app.


UPDATE: I had several issues with my dropbox not displaying the images properly, so I went ahead and made a 7zip including both wallpapers,the dock and the shelf.



9 thoughts on “Purple Wall No2

  1. you need to work it out on Photoshop, just create or grab the ring from another mod, delete everything from inside the ring, create a new layer, paste the image that you want on the new layer and start deleting all the “excess”. I use APK manager to sign the APK and voila!. I might do a tutorial about all this process.

  2. You will need an image editing software like Photoshop or Gimp to create the reflection on the dock or shelf. I use Photoshop. Its not too complicated but I don’t think here will be the best place to explain it. I will try to put together a tutorial with images to make it easy to understand.

    As far as sharing the dock with the icons & reflections, let me try to extract that out of the original Photoshop file, should be a no brainer.

    • Wait.! I just realized that it will be not possible for you to use the dock if I just extract it out of the Photoshop file, in order for a dock to work on either ADW or Launcher Pro they cannot be more than 480 by 84 pixels I think. And this dock its well over 900 pixels long, it just won’t work if I give you the dock by itself, what you see on my screenshot its a dock with icons that are embedded on the wallpaper, that way I can play with them as I wish.
      Perhaps I can build something for you. Link me to the wallpaper that you want and I’ll make sure to embed the dock to the wallpaper so that you can use it properly.

      • Never mind. I managed to get reflections using Photoshop. 🙂
        Thank you for your response and this awesome customization.

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