When I set out to create a new ‘theme’ I try to make something different, I wanted to design a theme with everything I need on my home screen, but with a sleek phone feel still.

The actual ‘home’ screen is the focal point, It links to everything I use day to day with just one swipe or touch. I got sick of having to swipe screens just to goto my music player. I’ve used it for 2 days now and it works perfectly for its needs, incredibly functional and looks great on the phone screen.

Widgets on the home screen are: Minimalistic text for the date, battery and temperature, sms unreadcount with blank icons, bobclock mod(forgot the name of the person who did the mod, sorry!), fancy widget with MIUI weather skin, a clock from the analog clock collection, widgetsoid, pure calendar widget and music playerPRO.

Now how it’s done! ADW EX and multipicture live wallpaper

Start off by setting rows to 10 and columns to 9, place widgetsoid and stretch it to the left side and out 2 rows. Switch the columns to 8 and it’ll be in the right position.

Remember, whatever widget you place first will stay ontop. As long as you restart your launcher off this screen, it will stay this way. So place fancy widget weather, then the little wallpapericon using either desktop visualizer or SMSunreadcount(i use smsunread count set as calls, as it doesnt resize images like DVR) to cover bobclocks date, put down bob clock, then your analog clock, just stretch them all out into the right positions! Make sure you have overlap widgets in ADW EX screen pref settings ticked and autofit to grid ticked off. It can take a little time getting used to moving widgets around, but it’s pretty simple if you look where they are on the screenshot.

For minimlastic text, use static text with spaces and returns to get the text in the places you want. Can be tedious but once you learn how to tweak minimastlic text, you can do anything

The calendar and music widgets fit perfectly into their grid positions, just stick blank icons over the applications icon and message/calls, etc.

I’ve included the PSD in the files, so you can edit it, change the walls, play around. As I always say, use my themes as a baseline to play around with!

+all the other files, like bobclock, smsunreadcount icons, widgetlocker theme, etc are in the setupfiles.

My Aelous icon extension

Aelous Icon pack by Raadius


Also for those interested, this was my first effort of trying to create the screen. This is the first stage of what it is now.


23 thoughts on “REvolution

  1. Also, just a few other I love the illusion you have created with the Icons, Dock developed into the Wallpaper, and the utilization of Blank Icons is extremely clever. I’ll have o try that technique. Great Artistry implementing the drop shadow with the Icons and Shelf Dock. Overall a great Theme. Nice work here!

  2. Ok! You think I could Mod that apk to include the the stock Color picker i have with the Full Version that’s circulating around?

  3. Sure, not sure how it’ll work with the color picker, though. because the mini numbers are actually a PNG, so dunno! guess you’ll find out.

  4. When will you release those maroon icons (message/calls/emails)? I love them!

    Also, could i get those shelves from you? Do you have just the shelves so i can add them to a background?

  5. The shelf image is in the setupfiles! Also If you know how to use photoshop, you can extract the icons from the PSD. But i’ll get round to releasing the actual icons

  6. Great!!!

    Please, share psd (messages, email, call)? (To create some of other)


    PS : thanks, for the other topic it is good! 😉

  7. I really love this but I am having the worst time following the tutorial. I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit more? I am assuming I have everything needed, I downloaded your icon pack and all the widgets you said to use, am I correct in assuming?

  8. Hey, which part are you having trouble with? I can update the tutorial if I know which bits not clear. Yeah, I listed all the widgets and included all the files,etc! The tutorial is only really for the main screen, though.

  9. If it’s not a bother, and I’m sure its already in your tutorial and i just can not find it…. Anyways I’m trying to get the Messaging, Call, and Emails large square icons. I’m also having trouble hiding the BobClock date, and I see that you mention hiding it with the sms unread count and a blank icon? I’m sorry haha, but I do really love the screen.

  10. I didn’t upload them because they’re part of the wallpaper. I guess i should soon. Theres an icon in the setupfiles called wallpapericon, use this to cover up the date! I’m sure it’ll work using dekstop visualizer too.

  11. Taine0,
    I’m going to give it a try and see how this setup looks on my new make some stupidly crazy amazing screens.. that I sometimes try to replicate but no luck… I have the feeling that this will not be the case this time and your setup will work on my phone he he.. we’ll see later

  12. I love your style alot man! I use your stuff often :] thats great you give us the PSD’s .. I could make icons myself :]
    ( btw people , theres an icons set called MetroGloss ( im not sure who’s it is .. I assume yours taine0? , and you make icons with the logo of them ready … all you have to do is :
    incase lets say you would like to make a contact icon :
    1. pick the metrogloss’s contact icon into the photoshop.
    2. take the Magic Eraser Tool with like 70% oppacity and just start clicking around the logo .. then you’ll end with logo alone that fits perfectly to the icons he posted on his main screen! :]
    Hope it helped )

  13. Hi did you make the temperature on the Fancy Widget on the lower right? Mine keeps defaulting to upper right corner.


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