Nothing too complicated for today’s shot. Just using Adw Ex, Minimalistic Text Widget, Advanced Clock, Custom Clock, and Widget Locker.

Icons- Aelous Hd (thanks raadius)

Dock-I made it in gimp..

Widget Locker Theme- I posted it over at xda

Font- Neutra Face

Icon reflections- done in gimp..

That’s pretty much it! Check out my drop box’s if you want anything.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or requests! Or if you just want to say hi 😉


7 thoughts on “Misaligned

      • I’m having a small problem with widget locker. Can’t get the ‘ALTERNATE” wallpaper to display. I have a Droid 1 on a custom gingerbread rom. is the gingerbread rom the problem?

        • yeap… i have the same exact problem. (im on a d1 running PE 5.02) I can only get it to change if I reboot, then choose the alternate wallpaper right after. Kind of annoying, but it works. Also sometimes I have to “un-anchor” the slider to get it to work.. then re anchor it

    • im using custom clock widget.. in the market. It has tons of customization features and abilities… and it’s free 🙂

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