Petition to Unlock Motorola Bootloader

No one wants to see Motorola and more recently HTC implement locked bootloaders and truely tie down the “openess” of Android. Because this site is heavily focused on Android customization, I know all of our visitors would like to have complete control of their devices. After all, you payed money for your phone, who are they to tell you what you can and cannot do with it?

This petition has been noticed by Motorola. We need to use our muscle from to continue to the fight.

Please everyone, take a few seconds out of your day and sign this petition.

Motorola Locked/Encrypted Bootloader Policy


One thought on “Petition to Unlock Motorola Bootloader

  1. Excellent article peteyc, I just signed off the petition, and I hope this helps to make Motorola realized they shouldn’t be locking bootloaders, that was the main reason that made me get a Thunderbolt rather than waiting for the Bionic.!

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