Scarlett Fever + Detailed Tutorial

So I’ve kinda tweaked my latest setup. It’s deffinately my favourite so far and looks amazing on my OLED screen. Yeah, I know theres alot of scarlett, but what can I say, I like seeing her 😉 It’s an incredibly functional home screen with the ability to change it to any need.

So I said a detailed tutorial, eh? Well here it goes.

First you need ADW EX and Multipicture live wallpaper

Widgets used that aren’t in the ZIP file are!

Fancy widget pro with MIUI skin(for weather icon)
Analog clock collection
Pure calendar widget
Phantom music widget
Minimalistic text
Pure messenger widget
Pure news widget
Sms Unread count

There, that’s some linkage going on.

Right first things first, Download this pack with all the files.

Stick the minimalistic text folder into the root of your SD card and the SMS unreadcount icons into /data/com.kanokgems.smswidget of your SD card.
Then install multipicture live wallpaper, set the wallpapers, turn the dock off in ADW settings and make sure these are ticked like shown.

Right, now that is sorted, you’re ready to start widgetising your homescreen.
Lets start with the main screen.
First off set your rows to 10 and columns to 9, put down the Widgetsoid and stretch it like the picture

Now that’s stretched right, go back into ADW ex screen settings and change your columns to 8. Now the widget will be in the right position like shown in the main screen.

Now for the bob clock combination, place down fancy weather widget(make sure all extras are ticked off in fancy widget so it only displays the weather icon)leave it for now, then place down the SMS unread wallpaper2.png icon like shown(i use smsunreadcount cause it doesn’t resize things like desktop visualizer)

Now everything is easy, place 3 minimalistic texts on this page, the day one is vertical. You should just beable to click restore on minimalistic text and everything should already be there (in theory, haven’t tested this myself) so we’ll see.

Use the blank.png icon through SMSunreadcount for the emails, calls and messages icons

Stick down pure calendar widget or whichever calendar widget you like (most fit into the box) and whichever music widget you want, I use phantom music widget.

The other page is simple, stick down a news and social widget and minimalistic text in the center.

If you wonna make your own version, here are the PSD’s for the walls.

Hope you enjoy and hope you guys come up with your own combinations.


18 thoughts on “Scarlett Fever + Detailed Tutorial

  1. Nice setup… By any chance what widget are you using for the ‘days of the week’? I have not seen this in minimalistic text….

  2. Thanks.
    The days of the week is minimalistic text… You can find the prefference file for it in the setup pack…
    It’s the last options in the date section on minimalistic text, also.

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  5. Hey, by any chance, I’ve followed these steps but I can’t get the font size of BobClock right. I think it has something to do with the font (I changed mine some time ago). Are you using stock font on here?

  6. Bobclock font is controlled by the image files in bobclock not the system. As for the fontsize being incorrect, are you using the bobclock included or just another version of bobclock? cause the version used here is a special modded one. Just make sure your phone is HDPI, your gridsize is set correctly and you stretching it out (because for me bobclock only has one font, just a case of stretching it into the correct position or it get cuts off)!

    • Yep, I used the one on your setup pack. It is offset and all, it looks identical to your post and the only difference is the size.

        • Not sure then! It really should only be one size because all the numbers are done through .PNG files. Only thing i can think of is that you are using a different launcher or have different rows/collumns set. If you take a screenie, I’d like to see the difference

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  8. so i tried following the directions to do this but i got lost. i got all the stuff but they wouldnt let me do all the stuff in the directions. like i couldnt stetch the widgetstroid. i love this setup but im very new at all this kinda stuff

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