Still Dreaming

Today’s. Wanted to try something a little different.

-Widget Locker Beta
-Minimalistic Text
-Desktop Visualizer

-Launcher Pro 9×10
Dock (Pa.Pn2’s box)
PurityFS icons

Minimalistic Text unlocks the phone.

the landscape portrait

I really couldnt think of a name lol.

I haven’t been able to think of a decent setup recently because i’ve been quite busy with college work but i came up with this. I’m not really a big fan of icons and 500 toggles, widgets, etc on one page so i didnt add any. Theres only so much you can do with portrait layouts before you start doing different versions of the same thing so I chose to go landscape and try something a bit deifferent.

I used the usual;

Minimalistic text


Fancy Wideget Pro


Couldnt decide what version i prefered so i posted both(Not much difference between the two)

Love feedback, positive and negative so tell me what you think.

“Dark Wood”

Hey all,

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend

Haven’t been able to be creative with my setups these past couple of weeks as work has been kind of swamping me at the moment.

I figure this setup was decent enough to be shown to you all 🙂


black white Hayden Panettier

hello all my new minimal

with Hayden Panettier of Heros

Launcher : launcher pro +

widget : minilalistic text

font : walkway

quai : by my it takes the network icon

font : walkway

wall lockscreen :

wall homescreen : 

Purity Awesomeness

I am in love with these icons! I messed around with the layout again today, and this is what I got.

All the usuals, desktop visualizer, Adw Ex, minimalistic text, widget locker, and our custom framework.

Wallpaper for my homescreen was made by me. I have no idea who made the lockscreen wallpaper, but all credit goes to them.

Widget Locker Theme is a WIP iphone theme.

That’s all, so hope you like it!

Chalk Ball app review ~ Guest Post

Hey readers! It’s ljbaumer from the MagnaM0d Blog here to write a new guest post for you guys!

This is my first and only guest post so far aside from my introduction post here:

This guest post is going to be an app review about the cool new android game “Chalk Ball”, anyways let’s get started.

Promotional video from the developer:

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Its been awhile since my last shot, i’ve got a few things going on and i’ve decided to stay with this simples setup. It really works for me and i love the icons 😀
Analog clock collection
Minimalistic text widget
My own widgetlocker theme
Homescreen wall:
Lockscreen wall: