Black and White Basics

My screenshot for the night 🙂


Minimalistic Text Widget- In the Market

Advanced Clock- In the market

Custom Clock (the analog one)- In the market

Homescreen: Adw Ex

Lockscreen: Widget Locker

Wl Theme- Custom

Dock- Custom

Icons- Aelous Hd

Wallpaper- Modded

That’s all, everything is in my drop box so hope you enjoy! Feel Free to post comments or ask questions below.


6 thoughts on “Black and White Basics

  1. damn, do you think you could add the wall with the icons embedded again? I’m trying my best to figure out how you do it with such precision lol.

    • yeah sure. I’ll upload it to my dropbox later. But what exactly are you having trouble with? Im just using gimp and simply placing everything down, resizing them, align em, add some reflection, then center it where I want and bam! all done.

      I’ll do my best to help

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