Motorola XOOM Sales Hit 100,000 in Just a Month and a Half

xoom front back

We’re not about to make this the next “XOOM sales ONLY at 100K! What a bust!” posts, because we don’t think the Motorola XOOM has anything to be ashamed of. According to Deutsche Bank, who looked at the Android versions chart you are seeing below, decided that there are approximately 100,000 XOOMs in the wild right now (they figured that there are 50 million total Android devices and took 0.2% of that). So, I say, “Not bad!” for 100K sold in less than 6 weeks.

As a product that will lead the way for future Android tablets while running the first REAL tablet operating system, I’m all good with these numbers. A hundred thousand early adopters of a product that will only get better and better over time is a pretty good sign that the Google team is doing something right. Silly iPad owners and their childishly stretched app jukebox UI. At least we have 100K people in this country that can think for themselves. (Kidding! Had to! We have love for everyone.)

What do you guys think? 100K in 6 weeks enough to consider the XOOM an early success?

pie chart

via DroidLife and Business Insider


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