I’m Losing It

I don’t know guys… just not feeling it ;( And some more sad news, I will be away next week in Washington DC… so I won’t be able to post anything in between monday-thursday. But hopefully i’ll comeback with some new inspiration and I can pull myself out of my creativity block.

Well tonight’s shot is more or less the usual..

Adw Ex

Custom Dock

Minimalistic Text Widget

the analog clock is called Custom Clock

Widget Locker

Custom theme..

Framework is from Akoe101 for the droid x on froyo. I ported it to my Droid 1 on a custom Gingerbread rom.

Any suggestions or tips would be welcome… I have to break out of this 🙂


10 thoughts on “I’m Losing It

  1. Hey, you always post great stuff!

    more recently I have been trying out a scrollable wallpaper theme by classical gas, really cool.

    Today I just tried oUt sweeter home and the pye theme, Totally awesome!

    Maybe play with sweeter home and different launchers?

    • hmm.. i tried sweeter home once and it was pretty laggy.. but i’d definitely try it agian! thanks a lot for the suggestion

  2. I know how you feel. I’m going through the same situation right now. I know I can make better setups but it seems that I’m constrained to a degree because what I want to setup, the tools(widgets in this case) are not there yet.

    The current setup(unreleased) I have running is pretty much back to the ‘thin’ line style you have and it irks me but that’s the only good thing going right now. I have no worries though, soon enough we will finally begin to innovate!

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