Paper boat dreams

My latest setup, mainly inspired by the paper boats and a different type of lockscreen (swipe down) Just fancied something different lockscreen wise. As always, I go for functional minimalism rather than complete minimalism.

So yeah, I found this wonderful collection of photos and started playing around. I had this idea of using a swipe down lockscreen for a while and once I finally found out how, I started tweaking it around.

The lockscreen is a bit of a pain untill you get used to it, You disable the left scroller in theme selection, enable the right scroller then replace the icon and once on lockscreen, stretch it down rather than horizontally.

Tutorial for homepage can be found here along with what widgets and files used.

I’ve used quite a few fonts in minimalistic text in this setup, Just playing around with different ones, really. apart from helvetica, still haven’t managed to find a font I really like, but kinda want a change from that.

Walls and widgetlocker theme are here. Yeah, I know the widgetlocker theme has wrong name and stuff, but still working on it and couldn’t be bothered to change/rename stuff.

Sure I’ve forgot something, but oh well! Let me know what ya think.


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