Completely Custom

Ok guys, don’t make fun of me on this one 🙂 Both wallpapers were shot by me (beginner photographer :yikes: ) I also took my hand at theming in this one, and I made my own 3g icon in the status bar. (the diamond, triangle thingy (shout out to akoe101 for inspiration). I hope to make more icons and better one’s eventually but this was only a first try. The signal icon is by Akoe101, and the battery is by Behemoth.

Other than that, it’s all the usual culprits. Adw ex

(custom dock), Widget Locker (custom theme). Aelous Hd icons by raaduis, and Minimalistic Text.

Seriously guy’s, this was literally like the first time i’ve picked up a camera so be easy, I know it sucks but I was proud of myself! and same goes to the 3g icon. This is a bunch of firsts for me.. but i hope to do more stuff like this (photography and framework theming).


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