Spring holidays

Well, just a little bit of a tweak on my previous setup. I’m going on holiday, so wanted to change my setup. Mainly so i’m not using Bobclock anymore and don’t have to mess around with the icon to cover up it’s date and can easily change wallpapers.

I’ve also modded MIUI’s weather skin for fancy widget to be better quality (the clouds were really low quality, so I made my own) You can find it here on my dropbox. Just put it in sd/android/fancywidget/weatherskins

The main clock is done with 2 minimalistic text widgets using neuropool x font. Just overlay them, etc.

As usual, you can find information here from a previous version.

Music widget is playerpro

Wallpapers and widgegtlocker theme can be found here

This’ll be my last post for a while, hopefully I’ll get some good shots while I’m away and come up with something different.



4 thoughts on “Spring holidays

    • there is no text displayed from fancy widget here, it’s all minimalistic text and just put a font on your SD card, go into minimalistic texts global settings and choose the font folder.

  1. How do you make the widgets fit so well? Are they all setup to the normal grid?

    Also, is there any way to overlap widgets in Go Launcher?

    • in the tutorial I describe the grid layout. think it’s 10 by 9. but I built the wallpaper around the Widgets rather than the Widgets fitting.

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