Revolution Theme – My take at duplicating Taine0’s theme

The tittle says it all, if there’s any setup that inspired me to try to duplicate it, without a doubt, will be Taine0’s Revolution Theme.

It’s so good-looking, all the must have stuff it’s there, close, handy,  plain and simple= I love it!

For this setup I followed pretty much the same arrangement that he originally did, but I didn’t want it to be a %100 copy of his work, so I went ahead and give it my own flavor by making my own Phone,SMS and Mail Icons, custom-made wallpapers and lockscreen. So enough talk and let’s go to the actual work. Go ahead and click on the image for a full size preview, trust me, looks much better that way 🙂 Other than that I hope everyone likes it!

The details:

Screen 1:

Screen 2:

  • Aelous HD Icons by Raadius
  • Aelous HD expansion by Raadius
  • Aelous HD mod by Taine0
  • Aelous HD mod by lesa0208

Screen 3 (main):

Screen 4:

All this on ADW EX 10 x 10

Overall, I’m very happy with the final result, the screens look way better on the phone, but still the screenshot it’s really good too.

Time for the wallpapers



10 thoughts on “Revolution Theme – My take at duplicating Taine0’s theme

  1. How do you get Caviar Dreams system font and how do you load it into Minimalistic text widget? Nice work by the way?

    • If you are rooted, use fontChanger from the market, it will change the entire system font of the phone.
      If you are not rooted then, just create a font folder in some place on your SD card, and put your fonts in there, then on MT go to global settings and select your fonts folder. Now, go to where you change the color of the text, you should be able to select a custom font.

  2. Awesome work duuude!
    BTW how did you happen to have a faded wallpaper in the background along with widgets?

    • On Photoshop, load up your main background, then your wallpaper (the girls in this case) copy and paste the wallpaper into the background, adjust as necessary, now ,add a mask layer, press “G” for gradient and select “foreground to transparent” from the gradient style and “linear gradient” (see my tutorial of reflections for a little more detail on this) Now you can start fading out the wallpaper and make it “fit” into the background. Hope this make sense

  3. Hi – great theme!

    There’s a few questions I’d like to ask about this please, for instance with the “shelves” how are they placed, are they part of the background?

    Aswell how did you do the background for the music area please?

    Kind regards.

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