I’m Back

Just got back from a trip to Washington DC! It was pretty awesome and I got some cool shot’s as well. The wallpaper for main screen, I shot in DC, the one on my lockscreen was shot in my back yard.

In other news, I just upgraded to a new computer as well as from GIMP to Photoshop! And I also got a new widget locker beta which allows you to remove the clock in sense (notice my lockscreen)

Anyway, on with the shot!


Homescreen- Adw Ex

Minimalistic Text Widget

Desktop Visualizer (I just modified raadius’ aelous icons to appear like they were buried)

Custom Dock

Wall Shot at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in DC


Lockscreen- New Widget Locker Closed beta (i’m sorry, but I cannot share this)

Custom Sense Slider

Wallpaper Shot in my backyard


framework/theme- 3g signal icons by me, signal bar’s by Akoe101, and battery by Behemoth

I just got back so I’m a little rusty 🙂

Comments, suggestions, and questions are encouraged and appreciated


3 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Looking great as always.
    Just suggested on XDA that you and MickeyCee start a thread where you must use your own photography as the wall, and make the original image available for others to use.
    What do you think?

    • interesting idea… just wandering how many people would actually post in it though. but sounds really cool, will definitely consider it 🙂

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