Start Skinning For LauncherPro, Beta App Released

The fight for the ultimate home screen replacement is a toss up between ADW, Go! Launcher, and LauncherPro. However, if you ever needed incentive to switch over to LauncherPro now might be the time. Thanks to a new beta release of a theming engine users will be able to make their own skins for widgets and other UI for your home screens. The full app should hit the market around Monday but if you can’t wait to start tinkering hit the download link below.

What you can do with this engine:

  • (Almost) All of the graphics you see on the widgets will be skinnable. That includes header background, the shadow below the header, the widget body background, the footer background, refresh icon, buttons (for example, the Timeline/Mentions/DM buttons on the Twitter widget), etc.
  • Most backgrounds should be 9-patch images
  • Most clickable images, like buttons and the footer (refresh bar) should have two states; normal and pressed. When the user presses the button/image, it will change to the pressed graphic.
  • You’ll be able to change the color of any text elements on the widgets.
  • Changing text sizes might not make it into the first SDK, but will definitely come in future updates.
  • More fine-tuning options like changing element positions and dimensions will also come in future updates. This first release should provide enough customization to create some cool skins.
This is truly exciting stuff that will be sure to churn out awesome work by our fantastic community!
If you want to know more hit up the LauncherPro Forum.

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