Test Drive’s

This morning’s shot.

Well… I’ve been trying some new stuff lately to spice up my shots. Lately i’ve picked up photography, to make my own wallpapers. Started theming, to make my own notification bar icons. Today I’m trying a new presentation style. NOTE: I’ll be the first one to tell you it needs work, badly, but I like the direction it is heading in.

I’ve been messing around with framework, so this is today’s work. I made the 3g connection icons (square on the left) and the signal bars (rectangle in the middle). The battery is by Behemoth. Framework by me was inspired by Akoe101.

Still using up some photo’s that I took while I was away for wallpapers.

Icons are Raadius’ Aelous Hd, modified by me to appear dug in.



Minimalistic Text Widget

Custom Analog Clock

Desktop Visualizer


Adw Ex

(custom Dock)


New Widget Locker Beta

Custom theme

Suggestions, questions and comments are welcome and encouraged 😀


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