2 Screen Simplicity

Didn’t have anything to special to show on my lock screen, so I’m not going to show it :D.

Wallpaper was shot by me.

Adw Ex

Minimalistic Text

Desktop Visualizer

Custom Icons

Custom Dock

Advanced Clock.

Like I said, nothing special but I like it.

Questions, Commets and or feedback is welcome and encouraged.


14 thoughts on “2 Screen Simplicity

  1. I like the custom status bar icons you’ve been developing. Any chance you’d release them into the wild? I’d love to use them.

    • Sure. Would you just like the .png’s themselves or how would you like me to share them? If you sent me your favorite theme I could replace these notification images and you would still have your theme with my icons

        • is it for a gingerbread or froyo rom?

          also the icons I made are for 3g, 1x, and signal bars. The battery I got from here http://www.droidforums.net/forum/up-coming-themers/141128-themes-minimal-framework-icons-akoe101.html, you can just flash it as a metamorph if you’re on a froyo motorola phone.

          bottom line, can you tell me your phone, if your on gb or froyo, and if you want me to include the battery (which I did not make.)

          I want to help 😀 I just need a little more info.

          • So happy your willing to help me out! My phone is the HTC EVO 4G and is on GB. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could include the battery…Thanks again so much!

            • Ok… I have some good news, and some bad news. Since you’re on HTC, I can’t do the battery for you. (i’m really sorry, but the battery is for motorola phones which only have 5% battery increments, and your fone has 1% battery increments, so you would only see the new battery every 5% (weird right?)

              Good news is I *think* the stuff I made will work. But, since your on gingerbread, most of the framework stuff as actually now located in the systemui.apk. So could you open up your theme go to system>app>system-ui.apk. Because that’s where the signal and 3g icons are related.

              Sorry about the battery though 😦

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