Deep blue reflective

So I tried to make something different and just ended up on a different take of a previous test theme I did. This one looks alot nicer and sleaker. It’s all about the reflective icons, baby.

So at the moment, the icons are part of the wallpaper. On the previous version i did months ago I actually made icons, so I’ll probably get round to resizing them, but as I’m still messing around. SOOOOOOOOOOOO much quicker just photoshopping them in.

Minimalistic text is used for pretty much everything you see. bar the pure news, callendar and message widget and of course MIUI weather icon. Widgetsoid switches with application shortcuts to alarm and music.
Lots of different fonts used in minimalistic text, just browse So many free ones. Just stick them on your SD card in a folder called fonts, find it using minimaslitic global settings and experiment.

ADW EX 8×10 – no dock or status bar and auto fit to grid switched off, with multipicture live wallpaper

Wallpapers can be found here

Let me know what ya think!


3 thoughts on “Deep blue reflective

    • Depends which part… pretty much every single minimalistic text widget has a different font, heh. I think theres 9 different fonts used on the setup

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