Lacking creativity at the moment, so I played around with a shot I took in DC in photoshop. The homescreen wallpaper is how it came out. (yikes, lol) All the widgets are same ol’ same ol’, Minimalistic Text, Custom Analog Clock, Advanced Clock, and desktop visualizer.

Lockscreen is made with widget locker using a custom sense slider and the homescreen is adw ex using a custom dock.

Framework is made by me and behemoth (he made the battery :D)

Meh… well if you happen to have something to say or ask, feel free to write it down below lol.


10 thoughts on “Mosiac’s

  1. is there anyway u can actually make the theme avail for us CM7 users. its hella sick and we need more “minimalistic” type themes rather than the plain ol greens and superbattery

    • Thanks 😀
      I will. But at the moment, it’s not really a theme. it’s just stock gingerbread with my whit icons replacing the green one’s. My hope is to make it a full out theme (which can take a while) but once it is, I plan on porting it to all the major rom’s. 🙂

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