Breaking Habbits

I’m trying to stay away from the classic 2 screen merge with a lockscreen. So  here’s what I’ve come up with.

I made some new framework icons last night that i’m pretty happy with.

I made the homescreen wallpaper from scratch in PS.

Lockscreen Wallpaper was shot in DC while I was there on a trip.

Homemade icons

Homemade Dock

Adw Ex

Minimalistic Text

Desktop Visualizer

Widget Locker

Custom Theme

well that’s it, hope you enjoy.


10 thoughts on “Breaking Habbits

  1. Hello! I’d like to ask how can you make custom framework icons. I made the .pngs but I don’t know how to put them on my phone…Could u help me pls?

    • are they named correctly? if so, just put them into your framework-res.apk and/or system-ui.apk, and replace the originals. boot up and your good to go.

          • I tried to put them on with root explorer but it still doesn’t work…I paste them, and then if i go back to framework-res.apk I see the old batteries… :/ I don’t know why is this 😥

            • go into root explorer, then copy your framework-res.apk, and paste it on the root of your sd card. then modify it there. then copy the new framework and past it back in system/framework/ and say replace. then immediately reboot as soon as it gets replaced.

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