Motorola Zoom – WI-FI Only

My first thought when I picked up the Motorola Zoom is : Wow! This completely blows the standard Android interface out of the water. I was floored by how different the interface was: from the 3D You-Tube wall to the coverflow-esque recent page in the music player. I loved how browsing felt like i was I was on an actual computer ( sans the computer’s hardware keyboard) with the tabs and all. I loved how fast the dual-core Nivida Tegra CPU was enhancing the experience. The Android Market has been overhauled for the tablet, so that I was able to navigate easier on the Zoom’s large 10.1 inch display.The keyboard was large enough that is useful, Google really made it easier to type on the Zoom.The Gmail interface felt like Gmail’s interface on the computer , which is a nice change from the standard Gmail interface on the phone. Gaming is superb on the Zoom (The unit I was testing had Dungeon Defenders on it) .  I was very impressed by it.

Note: I was testing this at my local Fred Myers= West coast equivalent of Wal-Mart


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