Anywhere But Here…

I hate how Widget Locker does that to your wallpaper a lot.
On the other hand, I’m absolutely loving this setup.
I think this might just be my favorite.

-Widget Locker Beta
-Desktop Visualizer
-Minimalistic Text
-Fancy Widget Pro

-Launcher Pro 5×7
Original wall.
Dock. (pa.pn2’s Dropbox)
PurityFS icons. (Not yet released)
-Font is Brie

I have it set up to unlock when I tap on the time/date.
Something you can do with Minimalistic Text in case some of you didn’t know.

Big thanks to Kimbo for letting me use his presentation style. I just love the way the reflection/border looks.

Any questions, just ask.


14 thoughts on “Anywhere But Here…

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  2. Could I please ask that you upload the lockscreen minimalistic text prefrences? I have no idea how you obtain the colon between hours and minutes aswell as the homescreen weather widget?

    Advice appreciated 🙂

    • If I were on my computer I could, but I’m not, so I’ll tell me what everything is.
      For the lockscreen clock/date, I’m using Hour(24, 2 digits), static text, and Minutes(2 digts), with another row using the Day of week(short), Month text, and Day(2 digits) with the desired static text in between. The font size for the clock is 35, and for the date it’s 22. Does that make sense? Haha
      If not, I can email you the preferences.
      And the weather is Fancy Widget Pro.

    • I misread what you were asking, sorry.
      When you’re adding slidfer, click the last one that says Misc, you’ll see one that says static text, drag it wherever you’re wanting it in the row, for example, between two numbers. Then click on it, and it will give you a couple of options, and there will be a text box and you just type what you want in there, such as a comma and space(, ) or a dash(-), you can put whatever you want in the box.
      Also, when you click on the sliders you’ve added, you’ll see a dropbox that says default, and when you click on it you’ll see normal, accented, and non-accented, you can change those to give your widget different looks.

  3. You spoke of Minimalistic Text being able to unlock the screen when you tap the time, now I’ve looked high and low for the command to do so and can’t seem to figure it out… If you could shed some light on me I’d appreciate it!!! 🙂

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