Status Bar Peek

I though I’d keep you updated on how Akoe101’s and My theme is coming along. The left shot shows the status bar pull down. The right shot is, well, just my regular screenshot 🙂

Icons: Abeo

Wall: I’m not sure who made it, but it’s in my wallpaper’s section. I just modified it.

Widgets: Minimalistic Text and Desktop Visualizer.

That’s all, hope you enjoy.


17 thoughts on “Status Bar Peek

  1. Lookin’ good! Are you going to release this theme for LGB 1.7? And., where did you learn to mod the walls…is there a tutorial out there? Keep up the strong work!!!


    • Hello! If you want I can make a tut for ya 😀 Just tell me if you want like this picture or like another 😀 I’m using photoshop for more than 3 years so 😀

      • yes i will release it for lgb 1.7. i’m not sure there’s any tutorial, besides the one alon posted about putting icons in between grass. but if there’s a specific part about my screen that you like, i can explain how to do it.

    • does it use theme manager? ATM it only works for my rom on the d1, and i haven’t released it yet. But we will port it to the t-mobile theme chooser since it seems so popular.

      if your rom is gingerbread, once the theme is complete, send it to me and i’ll modify the framework in it.

      • ye sits a gingerbread rom, but it doenst use a theme changer
        anyway, i did modifications in the framework manually, and it worked too^^

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