Melon’s smile

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything, I’ve been toying around with alot of ideas but never bothered posted em.
This is something a bit different from me, though. Don’t usually do minimalistic setups, but fancied a change. Mainly because I’m using my own photography in this setup (bar the lockscreen of katy perry) So wanted to view it all. Plus I’ve used a different approach and made my own status bar.

So yeah, used some of the photography I took on my recent holiday, guess it makes it the ultimate personalization if it’s your own design and photography, ha.

The status bar is part of the wallpaper with various minimalistic text overlayed (I plan to use minimalistic text+tasker on the call and message icons but couldn’t be bothered to set it up so just using SMS unreadcount underneath them at the moment)

Minimalistic text is used to unlock the lockscreen and to tag the pages.

ADW EX 10 x 10 with multipicture live wallpaper

Pure news and messenger widgets

Wallpapers and black lockscreen icons can be found here

Let me know what ya think to this different approach.


4 thoughts on “Melon’s smile

    • Theres quite a few used, the system font is helvetiker. Opificio and neuropol x are the main fonts used for minimalistic text. I love neuropol x’s numbers, look so sleak

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