Peter Alfonso Brings Update to Droid Kernels, V0.2

This is the thing that I love and hate about technology, right when you think you are pleased with all of the settings, the theme, and overall feel of your device something that you need to test out gets released. This is what just happened with me. I have PE 4.2 all set up with the Honeycomb theme, and I must say, it looks and preforms great; but our man Peter Alfonso has released his all new kernels sporting an updated interactive governor which no other kernel available for the Droid has yet.


  • Available in low, standard, or increased voltages
  • Interactive governor ported from .38 kernel
  • New compcache module: zram.ko
  • USB switches from .35 kernel
  • Increased sdcard throughput
  • Bug fixes from newer kernels
  • Built in OMAP temperature sensor
  • All of the official governors
  • Lightweight, stripped of unneeded features
  • Added most popular, requested modules and featur

I am very tempted to go back to Beta GPA 15 to test these out…

If you are as well, hit the jump and get to flashin’.

Peter Alfonso Droid Kernels V0.2


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