Chalk Ball app review ~ Guest Post

Hey readers! It’s ljbaumer from the MagnaM0d Blog here to write a new guest post for you guys!

This is my first and only guest post so far aside from my introduction post here:

This guest post is going to be an app review about the cool new android game “Chalk Ball”, anyways let’s get started.

Promotional video from the developer:



Chalk Ball is a nice little game with cool graphics and an interesting concept behind it.

Basically you’re trying to not let a ball fall to the bottom of your screen, but instead of having to balance it or make it land on different platforms you are trying to draw platforms out of chalk for the ball to bounce off. The catch is that you only have a certain amount of chalk and to get more you have to get little chalk balls. You get a certain amount of chalk for each type of chalk ball that you hit. I’m not exactly sure which balls give more chalk but after playing for a while I think you would start to find a difference. For example some balls give you a full bar of chalk and some balls just revive you a little bit.

The graphics are great on  this game. It is really smooth and the art is really cool. Also the game itself is pretty fun to play and it will be a good time if you are on a bus or a long car ride or something like that. Also it doesn’t use your accelerometer so you can be in a moving object (like a plane, train, or car) and still be able to play the game.

Another cool feature is that there are two game modes (and 5 difficulties on one of them): there is Survival mode and an Adventure mode.

The Survival mode is a timed game that gets increasingly harder as you last longer and your goal is to see how long you can last. This mode is nice but it’s not super fun because you don’t have a set goal.

The Adventure mode is a mode where you have different “maps” that you can choose from with different amounts of games you have to play. In each game you have to collect a star or multiple stars and stay alive (not falling off the screen). Personally I like this game mode a lot more than the survival game mode.

Other cool things:

  • Themes! You can actually theme the whole game! There are four themes for the game right now, two of them aren’t released yet but look promising, one theme is free, and the other theme is only available if you are on the pro version of the game. I’m not sure if you can make themes for this game right now but I think that would be an awesome upcoming feature.
  • Achievements! Chalk Ball has open feint integrated inside of it so there are in game achievements that will also be posted on your open feint account giving you open feint credit, which in my opinion, is a really nice feature.

One of the big downsides of this game is that the “lite” version of this game is pretty restricted: you only get two adventure games and you can only use one theme ATM. Also on the “lite” version there are annoying ads at the bottom, which is understandable as the dev wants to make some money but is annoying nonetheless.


Free (lite): Free 😉

Paid (pro): €0.99  ~ $1.47

So should you get this game? In the end it is up to you but I would get this game (or at least the lite version).

It has some really nice graphics and when I was playing it, I didn’t find any lag at all on my DROID 2.


Online android market:

Rating:   8.5 out of 10 androids.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post and PLEASE read my blog at (click some ads!)




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