Keep it simple son.



For some strange reason I keep finding myself enjoying stock HTC themes more and more.

Comments are welcome but everything seen is fairly self-explanatory.


Hello my new

Miui rom

Launcheur pro +

Minimalistic texteIcons Aelous By Raadius

Wall lockscreen Adiana Lima

Wall home By D5R  (DeviantArt)

Editing Gimp

Font Walkway

Wallpaper availible in my dropbox  :

All The Above

Today’s. Pretty much the usual.
I try not to use the same icon set but I just love this one.
I remembered to save the wall without the icons this time.
If you want it with the icons, let me know.

-Widget Locker Beta
-Desktop Visualizer
-Minimalistic Text
-Fancy Widget Pro


Rock N’ Rolla

Not my best setup in the least but I had some trouble finding a wallpaper to justify how sick Tha Luxe is. Was running the Cyanogen Mod 7 Pre-Alpha this weekend which I highly reccoemnd as it was mostly functional over the weekend.

Maybe later on in the week I’ll make another attempt at properly rocking the icons. Comments or questions are always welcome.




So I’ve been loving Raadius’s MIUI themes, but my phone doesn’t have MIUI support, so worked on a personal version for CM7. Along with some of my own takes on the theme.
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