Backyard Beauty

What’s up guys? Been working A LOT on the theme/framework. Akoe101 made an awesome alternative status bar dropdown and I spent all day fixing it up. Looks pretty sweet in my opinion. Not going to show a peak yet, i’m going to let it be a surprise.

On with the set up!

Went back to using my own photography for wallpaper. I photographed the homescreen wall (the right one) right in my backyard hehe.

I claim no responsibility for the left one, the lock wall. I know I got it from deviant art somewhere but I forget who took it. But all credit goes to him/her.

Using Lunie’s Purity FS icons again, along with my custom dock, and minimalistic text on Adw Ex. For my lockscreen, i’m using widget locker with a self made theme, and minimalistic text.

Framework/theme is by me and akoe101. We will release it probably next week (I hope :D)

I think that’s all so let me know what you guys think.


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