Facebook Suave

Here is a Suave version of Facebook.

All credit to BLI for making original for the iPhone.

Download here.


11 thoughts on “Facebook Suave

    • It will replace it. I’ll keep it updated though. I’ve been doing it for a while but never thought to post it on the site.

      • Thanks for getting back to me. When a facebook update happens, and I go to the market and install it, what happens then? Or will it let me know that yours has an update?

        I’m excited about this, it looks slick. Is it just a replacement of icons and fonts? Same functionality?

        • No problem! It will tell you the app needs to update, but if you try to update it, it will say it’s not signed correctly. You have to uninstall the modded one and then install the regular Facebook again. But I’ll post each update.

          Glad you like it. It just replaces those 9 icons for now. I’m thinking about theming more of it though.

          All credit to BLI though(:

  1. Hey, I am trying to install this…but…I can’t.

    It tells me first that my phone can’t open the download, then after I download it I try to open it but it says I can’t open that file. Go to Astro, but first I have to uninstall the upgrade, then finally I try to install the file, by clicking upgrade, and then it tells me I can’t do it.

    • No, you don’t have to be rooted. Are you uninstalling the current version and then trying to install this one? That’s what I do. Just find the apk with Astro, and click on it and open the app manager, then install.

      • here’s the problem, facebook i think was preinstalled on my phone, it’s a droid incredible, and since i’m stock, i can’t erase it and install yours… doh! unless i’m missing something here…

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