So I’ve been loving Raadius’s MIUI themes, but my phone doesn’t have MIUI support, so worked on a personal version for CM7. Along with some of my own takes on the theme.

So yeah, the theme is not really for release, it’s pretty unfinished and don’t have the patience to complete all the little graphics and renaming everything for the stupid Tmobile theme system.

ADW EX with no dock switched off, all icons are done through ADW EX rather than desktop visualizer. 9 x 10

The music widget is Android music player pro with scotch tape CAD overlayed. (have to thank raadius again for the idea) but hate pure music widget, so done my own version that doesn’t involve editting any files. All it involves is overlaying a PNG (I do it through SMSunreadcount as it doesn’t resize images like desktopvisualizer) so basically the case.png goes over the top of the playerpro 2×2 widget. Simple and looks great (all the buttons still work too).

Miui weather and minimalistic text for other stuff.

Icons are aelous

System font is opificio.

Still not themed the lockscreen, but like it’s simplicity.

My aelous icons can be found here

wallpaper and music skin here

original wallpaper can be found here


10 thoughts on “CryogenMiui

    • Place it in the sd\data\com.kanokgems.smswidget, place it using SMS unread count. I use one of my email folders that has no emails so theres never a counter shown, so like gmail using ‘work’ group. or whichever is unused, it doesn’t really matter, though.

      Place playerpro music 2×2 widget and stretch them into position.

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