About -akoe101-

High school senior soon to graduate and move into a career of graphic design


Its been awhile since my last shot, i’ve got a few things going on and i’ve decided to stay with this simples setup. It really works for me and i love the icons 😀
Icons: http://fav.me/d3egmfu
Analog clock collection
Minimalistic text widget
My own widgetlocker theme
Homescreen wall: http://db.tt/xdiYu4a
Lockscreen wall: http://db.tt/dInMWxP


Take Me Away

Minimalistic text
PurityFS icons by LunarDX http://fav.me/d3dks8s
Widgetlocker 2.1beta3 with a clockless sense slider
WL sense theme by me

For anything else, just ask!

CenturyG7 launcher7 tiles now with 180 tiles!

Alright guys, here’s the finished product of my launcher7 tiles.
I had originally made the white tiles with the black font but then bsbabcock reminded me of transparency and that led to the other 3 new sets. The set now has 15 tiles with 12 variations of each for a grand total of 180 icons!
Enjoy launcher7 users or anyone else!

You can download the whole pack here: http://db.tt/LDvYJ3D

That’s Right

First shots i used the Dx template

Using zorsha icons

Beautiful widgets super clock

Desktop visualizer Minimalistic text and Widgetlocker on the lockscreen


Pretty simple. Not much going on. Just wanted to try something more functional than minimal, and i happen to like it a lot so im looking forward to more of my setups being a combo of both. Widgets are audio manager pro, beautiful widgets with the flat white skin, analog clock, minimalistic text, widgetsoid, simi folder widget, and widgetlocker 2.0

Cause I Roll Like That

Lockscreen on the left using my new sense WL theme you can grab here: http://fav.me/d3drc47

The wallpaper is here: http://db.tt/xn55Wfp

Homescreen on the right using minimalistic text for all the info and a custom dock i made found here: http://db.tt/1Z74Avi

Wallpaper here: http://db.tt/Zx6sY9X