About Keiren Francis (K Dotty)

Im a college student doing a vocational course in IT. I got my first and only android phone in november which was the HTC Desire HD. Jus love it!!!

the landscape portrait

I really couldnt think of a name lol.

I haven’t been able to think of a decent setup recently because i’ve been quite busy with college work but i came up with this. I’m not really a big fan of icons and 500 toggles, widgets, etc on one page so i didnt add any. Theres only so much you can do with portrait layouts before you start doing different versions of the same thing so I chose to go landscape and try something a bit deifferent.

I used the usual;

Minimalistic text


Fancy Wideget Pro


Couldnt decide what version i prefered so i posted both(Not much difference between the two)

Love feedback, positive and negative so tell me what you think.


Peace & Blur

I’m currently on springbreak so i havnt really had time to setup anything decent so i decided to post these two layouts together as i didn’t really think that they were good enough individually to post seperately. The layout on the left is the lockscreen and tapping the clock unlocks. The one on the right I done for a friend because she likes all the earthy colors and simplicity.

Minimalistic Text (As Always)….Thats it.

I cant really find any widgets i like or need that look good so i try to use minimalistic text in different ways. (it looks clearer fully sized)

Minimal Blues

Minimal Blues

My first post.

Even though this layout is simple it took me a while to finish.

It’s all Minimalistic Text along with a font called ‘Caviar Drams.’

The wallpaper I found on google.



It may be to basic for some but I liked it