LauncherPro Mod for Sense

If you like to use Sense on your new Thunderbolt, or any other HTC phone, check out this new MOD of LauncherPro from Rang3r over at XDA. I downloaded this and am trying it out now. The best thing about it? The fact that you can customize the dock! You still get the Sense feel, but you can change the shortcuts!! And with the most recent update of LauncherPro Plus, Fede added a GMail widget!

Now, I’m posting a screenshot just to show you the different dock shortcuts. Don’t make fun of my customization please…lol I have had a creative block for the past few weeks.

LauncherPro Plus MOD

Try it out and let me know what you think!


Motorola Xoom Gets SD Card Support from Custom Kernel

Among the problems irking XOOM owners is the lack of SD card support. Although Motorola has said this would be remedied in an update later on, it seems another option has become available. XDA member and kernel developer bigrushdog has released a new version of his Tiamut kernel for the Motorola tablet, which as mentioned offers SD Card support. This may not be a preferred option but it’s as close as you can get without having to wait for an update from Motorola or a source code release.

If this interests you check out the XDA thread.

While we support development, we do not take responsibility for anything that happens to your device upon flashing software . If your device gets bricked, your dog eats it, or it self-destructs, we’re throwing our hands up. Not in celebration of course, however if that last thing happens get it on video . It would make a nice post. Have fun. =)

Source: Android Central via XDA

Beautiful Widgets now supports tablets, looks great on Xoom [Mini Review]

Beautiful Widgets by LevelUp Studios has been one of, if not the most downloaded app for Android other than some games. Everyone that doesn’t have HTC Sense seems to use Beautiful Widgets. They have now updated the widget pack to support Android tablets and the new look and interface for my Xoom sure looks like. I have some pics for you all to enjoy. It just recently finished it’s BETA.
BW 1

They have completely redesigned the layout, and menu’s and what not to be fully compatible with Android 3.0 Honeycomb and I must say, they did a good job. It works great, it’s smooth, and the new Moon phases sure are cool. I have Weatherbug for Honeycomb but the widget disappears every 3 minutes, very irritating when you can’t see it to remove it. So for now I’d have to recommend Beautiful Widgets.

On screen look of Beautiful Widgets on my Xoom, this is one of many different looks, you can make it completely custom, change colors, font, opacity and everything.
BW 2

Next up is inside the app when you touch the sun, or the clouds. the animation into full-screen is smooth and clear and you can still see the home screen under it, me likes.
BW 3

Here we have the new Moon Phase option, it is really cool and I’ve used it for the last few days just to check it out. It is really neat to see the different phases. Nice touch levelup, nice touch. They use honeycomb’s context menu on the top right of course.BW 4

Now to keep this short I’ll just show one of the settings tab, You can go in and change whatever is needed. Here is a screenshot of me changing the widget from showing weather and the sun, to my battery life instead. Options, and more options are what we get with Beautiful Widgets. That is why they are so popular.
BW 5

Go ahead and get Beautiful Widgets in the Android Market now and enjoy it!!

via Android Community

Motorola Xoom vs. Apple iPad 2: 10 Reasons to Pick Xoom

xoom vs ipad

Apple’s iPad 2, which was announced in a special event March 2, is expected to hit store shelves March 11. When it does, customers will have the unenviable task of choosing either Apple’s latest tablet or the many other tablets from competing manufacturers that are vying for their hard-earned cash. Although last year, the decision to choose the iPad was an easy one, in 2011, it’s not as easy as one thinks.

That’s especially true if customers decide to opt for either the iPad 2 or the Motorola Xoom. The former is likely the front runner, given its predecessor’s success, but the Xoom is also a fine option. It delivers a number of solid features that consumers would be quite happy with. Even better, it does so at a price that’s quite competitive.

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Verizon Preparing to Sell a 16GB Motorola XOOM with 4G LTE?

verizon screen

Less than a month ago, Motorola announced the XOOM Wi-Fi for $599 which we all assumed was their attempt at competing with Apple along with the ridiculous amounts of other cheap tablets that were poised to hit the market. What if they weren’t stopping there though? According to our friends at Verizon, a 16GB model could be in the works. And just like the 32GB Motorola XOOM that’s available now, will be upgradeable to 4G LTE in the near future if the screenshot above holds any weight.

No word on what pricing could end up at, but we’re seeing WiFi-only tablets with 16GB of storage fall in around the $400-$450 range. Could a 4G 16GB XOOM land on Verizon at $699 or even cheaper? And should we assume that a WiFi-only 16GB XOOM would follow as well?

via DroidLife

Samsung Announces Availability of WiFi-only Galaxy Tab, In Retail Stores April 10 for $349

galaxy tab wifi

A couple of weeks ago we were tipped to the WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab possibly launching on April 4, but it looks like the device was pushed to April 10 instead and even dropped to a price of $349. You can all pick up this 7″ Android 2.2 tablet from a variety of online and local retailers, but just know that we have no idea if it will ever see Honeycomb. The price is very nice and the specs haven’t changed on this edition, so if the idea of possibly never having an update is OK with you, then by all means run out and grab one.

Samsung Galaxy Tab™ Available for Purchase at Multiple Retail Stores and Online Outlets

Consumers receive chance to purchase WiFi-only version of Samsung’s award-winning Android™ platform mobile tablet

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Motorola XOOM Sales Hit 100,000 in Just a Month and a Half

xoom front back

We’re not about to make this the next “XOOM sales ONLY at 100K! What a bust!” posts, because we don’t think the Motorola XOOM has anything to be ashamed of. According to Deutsche Bank, who looked at the Android versions chart you are seeing below, decided that there are approximately 100,000 XOOMs in the wild right now (they figured that there are 50 million total Android devices and took 0.2% of that). So, I say, “Not bad!” for 100K sold in less than 6 weeks.

As a product that will lead the way for future Android tablets while running the first REAL tablet operating system, I’m all good with these numbers. A hundred thousand early adopters of a product that will only get better and better over time is a pretty good sign that the Google team is doing something right. Silly iPad owners and their childishly stretched app jukebox UI. At least we have 100K people in this country that can think for themselves. (Kidding! Had to! We have love for everyone.)

What do you guys think? 100K in 6 weeks enough to consider the XOOM an early success?

pie chart

via DroidLife and Business Insider