Thumb Keyboard Public Beta.

I haven’t been able to keep up with Android and tinker with my phone as much as I would like to because finals are looming on my horizon; but, I did come across Thumb Keyboard a few days ago. If you are lucky enough to have snagged a honeycomb tablet could be the thing for you, the layout is super nice, themes are included and it makes typing a breeze. I have found the stock gingerbread keyboard on my Droid to be pretty much on par with this, but this is nice if you want to throw a a theme over the stock look.

Features included in Thumb Keyboard: multi-touch, correct previous written words with suggestions, shortcuts – store and edit written phrases, mail signatures, logins and insert them with a simple tap, new addition to the prediction algorithm, new – resize the width of the letter keys on the split layout, alternative suggestions for voice input and a new design. I highly recommend downloading the beta becuase it is only going to improve from here, and it still is damn good as of right now.

Grab the Thumb Keyboard Beta here

 Via [XDA]

Peter Alfonso Brings Update to Droid Kernels, V0.2

This is the thing that I love and hate about technology, right when you think you are pleased with all of the settings, the theme, and overall feel of your device something that you need to test out gets released. This is what just happened with me. I have PE 4.2 all set up with the Honeycomb theme, and I must say, it looks and preforms great; but our man Peter Alfonso has released his all new kernels sporting an updated interactive governor which no other kernel available for the Droid has yet.


  • Available in low, standard, or increased voltages
  • Interactive governor ported from .38 kernel
  • New compcache module: zram.ko
  • USB switches from .35 kernel
  • Increased sdcard throughput
  • Bug fixes from newer kernels
  • Built in OMAP temperature sensor
  • All of the official governors
  • Lightweight, stripped of unneeded features
  • Added most popular, requested modules and featur

I am very tempted to go back to Beta GPA 15 to test these out…

If you are as well, hit the jump and get to flashin’.

Peter Alfonso Droid Kernels V0.2

The Numbers Don’t Lie. Android More Desired, 50% Bought Recently.

Android has grown steadily for the past year and a half, and not to long ago the thought of Android phones becoming more desired than the latest iOS device was laughable. However, things have clearly changed. Nielsen, the leader of all things regarding polling and statistics, reports from their latest poll of U.S. Mobile Consumers show that those who are in the market for a new smartphone are looking for an Android device. Those who have already picked up a new smartphone have chosen an Android device 50% of the time.

Via [Nielsen]

Feel Like Your Droid Was Left Out? Think Again. CM7.0.2 Released

The first round of Stable CyanogenMod 7 left us who still rock the OG Droid as our daily phone out of luck. But thankfully, the 3G drop after call has been fixed and all of the others kinks have also been worked out. We finally have our first taste of stable completely stable CM7 based off of Android 2.3.3. Grab the download link and enjoy all of the goodies that comes in CyanogenMod. Enjoy!

Want Some New WidgetLocker Themes? Look No Further.

Kellex over at Droid-Life came across a mess of great WidgetLocker Themes all in a convenient  post at XDA. I know a ton of our visitors use WidgetLocker to create sweet lockscreens so I just wanted to pass the this along for you all to take advantage. Hope you all come up with some awesome set-ups, enjoy!

[THEMES] WIDGETLOCKER | Theme Collection

If Motorola Doesn’t Understand This Then All Hope Is Lost

Their have been strong petitions created by Android users requesting the unlocking of the bootloader that may or been noticed by Motorola, but what happened when Motorola asked its Facebook pals “What cool Android apps would you like to see next from developers?” The results are actually kind of funny. Let us hope that they are finally going to see how important giving users the key to unlock the almighty bootloader really is. Strengthen the voice here!

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Angry Birds Easter Edition!

If your going to be at Grandma’s house this Sunday and need a game to relieve the stress that comes with making small talk with the relatives, grab the new version of Angry Birds: Seasons here.